[Samba] LFN issue while installing Win2k from SaMBa-share

silverio.santos at equant.com silverio.santos at equant.com
Thu Jul 24 09:46:56 GMT 2003


when installing Windows 2000 using a DOS-boot-floppy, which connects to a
SaMBa-share providing the installation files, the file ...\I386\$oem
$\$1\tpc\config.sav\NodeType_Hybrid.reg is copied using the 8.3 naming. So
far, this is the behaviour we would expect from an OS not being capable to
handle LFNs (DOS) .

But now here's the weird part of the story:
When installing Win2k from a share running on a Win2k-computer while using
the same floppy disk the filename is *long*!

Dist: SuSE 8.1
SaMBa: 2.2.5
      Settings: all filename depending settings (as per SWAT) are kept as
default on both share and global level, e.g.
      mangled names = YES
      mangle case = NO

How can I solve the issue without changing to Windows?

Silvério Santos

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