[Samba] delete user script = /usr/sbin/userdel %u

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Wed Jul 23 17:52:25 GMT 2003

Aehm, you missed

linux:~ # which userdel
linux:~ #

       userdel - Delete a user account and related files

       userdel [-r] login

       The  userdel  command  modifies  the  system account files, deleting
all entries that refer to login.  The
       named user must exist.  The options which apply to the userdel
command are:

       -r     Files in the user's home directory will be removed along with
the home  directory  itself  and  the
              user's  mail  spool.   Files located in other file systems
will have to be searched for and deleted

       /etc/passwd - user account information
       /etc/shadow - secure user account information
       /etc/group - group information

       userdel will not allow you to remove an account if the user is
currently logged in.   You  must  kill  any
       running processes which belong to an account that you are deleting. 
You may not remove any NIS attributes
       on an NIS client.  This must be performed on the NIS server.

       chfn(1), chsh(1), passwd(1), groupadd(8), groupdel(8), groupmod(8),
useradd(8), usermod(8)

       Julianne Frances Haugh (jockgrrl at ix.netcom.com)

this is the standart way to del users on suse,
the other one was a descript from man smb.conf current cvs
any more ings ? *ggg
> Hi
> you mix two userdels
> samba script is provide for deleting samba and unix user and if ldap is
> used
> delete on it record, but you
> point script to unix userdel sbin command that canot delete all needed
> info.
> Try locate shell samba script to deleting users on suse another place.
> Bye.
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> > Hi @ll,
> > yesterday i installed samba 3 beta 3 on suse 8.2
> > as pdc everything works fine (with all options and with win xp prof serv
> > pack 1.a german client ),
> > but with admin  usrmgr the
> > delete user script = /usr/local/samba/bin/del_user %u
> > which is in suse
> > delete user script = /usr/sbin/userdel %u
> > isnt working
> > is there anybody which got this work  on other distro etc?
> > Regards
> >
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