[Samba] Samba 3 Beta3 using LDAP and NT4 Migrate

Xavier Nicollet nicollet at efrei.fr
Wed Jul 23 14:01:36 GMT 2003

Le 17 juillet 2003 à 20:01, Peter S. Calvert a écrit:

Hi, I am also planning to do this, except that I haven't ibm ldap but
I am using samba 3 beta 3, openldap and a red hat 9, with an NT 4

> (1) the LDAP schema changed from Beta2 -> Beta3, this was not mentioned in
> the release notes.  This was relatively simple to fix.

It didn't change anything for me except that I put the new samba.schema
in /etc/openldap/schema

> (2) the "net getsid" command:
>     net getsid -S NT4PDC -w DOMNAME -U Administrator%passwd
> does not exist?  Is there an equivalent?

Same problem !

I will try again and maybe report, but these steps look quite obscure to


Nicollet Xavier
EFREI Linux:     http://www.linux.efrei.fr/

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