[Samba] after upgrading to samba-3.0.0.beta 3 wbinfo -u does not show Domain Name

Herbert FRIEDL H.Friedl at unido.org
Wed Jul 23 09:03:35 GMT 2003

Dear All
I am currently testing samba-3.0.0beta 3 .
After upgrading from version 2.2.7, winbind behavious strange.
 wbinfo -t reports back that the trust secret via RPC call succeeded
 wbinfo -u only shows the Domain usernames and not the DOMAIN-Username
wbinfo -g only shows the Domain Groups and not the DOMAIN-groupname
and when i issue 'getent passwd' , i get only the usernames and again
not the format DOMAIN-Username
I have searched and searched but i do not find any hint where in my
configuration is the faulty part, which does not show the DOMAIN.
Is there anyone who can give me a hint.

appreciate any help



Herbert Friedl 

United Nations Industrial 
Development Organization 

Information and Communication Technology Unit (ADM/OMD/ICT)

P.O.Box 300 
A-1400 Wien / Austria 
mailto:h.friedl at unido.org 


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