[Samba] Samba beginer.. help please

Paweł Siwek lordtm at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Jul 23 07:46:56 GMT 2003

Hello :)
I am Red Hat 9.0 user and I started my adeventure with samba yesterday. I didn't need to make extra configuration because RH installer did everything for me as I guess. What I want to achive is setup the print server.
I added to CUPS all printers in my network, which works with JetDirect protocol. I added it loged in as a root, and in this session when I want to print a test page it works without any problems.
Problems starts while I try to use the printers in Windows 2000. When I tape in explorer \\computer_ip I can see all the printeres that are isntalled in linux, without any login message.
When I try to add printers from Control Panel\Add printer menu and I choose network printer and type computer IP, there doesn't appear any list with all printers. To add printer I must type \\computer_IP\printer_name . How can I fix it?
After choosing printer windows says that there are no good drivers in the host and I should choose drivers manualy. How can I make the drivers install automatically from samba server?
Finally when I add the printer I can see that the Printer status is OK, the printer is connected etc.. BUT I cannot print even a test page but in linux I can print anything I want in the same printer. What can be a problem?
Thank you in advance for all help
Pawel Siwek
PS Sorry 4 me english :)

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