[Samba] Samba Domain Controller Help

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Conflicting credentials; you may have another network connection to the
Linux server. Open a dos command window and delete all existing network
connections before you try to join the domain :

For the domain logon, what is your smb.conf listing, what is the error
message you are getting, and what operating system is on the Windows

Are you trying to join the domain as user root (required) and is root in
smbpasswd? Have you entered the windows machine in /etc/passwd and


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Hi I am trying to setup a Domain controller on my home network for
testing and I am running into a bit of a problem. 

Everytime I try to authenticate to the domain I get refused. I have
completely read the domain controller how-to that is supplied with Samba
2.28. I follow all of the directions and still nothing. When I attempt
to authenticate though it tells me that I don't have the right username
or password. But I setup everything like I was supposed to. 

And now I just tried it again and it says that the machine I am trying
to connect and it said that I have conflicting credentials.

If anybody needs any more information I'll supply it.

Thanks in advance.

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