[Samba] managing users (was Active Directory Replication)

Xavier Nicollet nicollet at efrei.fr
Mon Jul 21 15:27:21 GMT 2003

Le 21 juillet 2003 à 16:49, paul a écrit:
> >With Samba 2.x we need to create the user in two places.  I was just
> >checking to see if we could now create the user in just one.0
> Yes. You can hold all info in your directory, replicate it for security 
> and redundancy and let all your sambas authenticate against it (better 
> use TLS for that ;)). With the hooks given by samba ( add user script, 
> add machine script..) it is easier to automate most of the daily tasks.

Has someone a link to a script that would add a user ?
Tell me if I am wrong, but we must first add a unix user and then use
pdbedit to add the samba stuff in the Ldap.  

Is this correct with samba 3 beta ?

Nicollet Xavier
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