[Samba] Re: SOS

Doug Wyatt dwyatt at kohlmansystems.com
Sun Jul 20 18:40:25 GMT 2003

I don't have a great deal of experience with Samba, but
two or three things occur to me.

1. When you go from Linux to W2k, you may have some files
    with identical names, except for case differences.  I
    don't know if this would apply on a non-english system.
    But on an English-based system, "FILE" and "file", both
    in the same directory on Linux, will result in a single
    file with the contents of the last one transferred to
    the W2k system.

2. Try a directory comparison tool such as Beyond Compare
    (installed on NT/W2k/WXP) to see what the actual
    differences in your directory structures are. This might
    give you some clues.

3. Is it possible you lack permissions to access a few files?

4. Do you have 'socket options = TCP_NODELAY' set in smb.conf?

Are you transferring using drag and drop in Windows Explorer,
or some other method that might affect the transfer?

Doug Wyatt

<xz911jp at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
> Good evening every body, I am a new one of this mail list.
> In my project I have faced a problem. That is when I copied my files
> from windows2000srv to redhat8 Linux or from redhat8 to windows2000srv
> by samba(the quantity of file is 26200 and the size is about 750MB) I
> found that about 10 files lost. The quantity of lost file is changed
> every time. 
> Would you like to help me? Is this a problem of windows?Or samba?Or the
> smb.conf of samba?
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