[Samba] rh8.0 and xp home

Dan Shadix dshadix at trhs.org
Fri Jul 18 21:59:21 GMT 2003

The Samba How-To Collection very clearly points out that:
"Unlike, MS Windows 9x / Me, MS Windows XP Home Edition also completely lacks the ability to log onto a network."

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From: Dragos <dragos at mpigani.org>
Date:  Fri, 18 Jul 2003 17:10:40 -0400

>I have two networked pcs.
>pc 1- RH8.0 which came with Samba-backend 1.0.8 and Samba 2.2.5
>pc 2- XP Home
>I am able to access the shared folders from pc2 on pc1.
>However from pc2 I can not even see the ressources of pc1.
>In My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network/"My 
>Workgroup" I can see "pc1" but when I click on it I get an error 
>message: \\"pc1" is not accessible. You might not have permission to use 
>this network resource. The network path was not found.
>I have not been able to find any doc about samba and xp home so any help 
>is appreciated.
>Thank you
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