[Samba] Samba Beta 3 + LDAP as PDC : Subnet mask problem

g_goebel at vo.lu g_goebel at vo.lu
Fri Jul 18 14:57:55 GMT 2003


We dispose several class C networks where all the windows pc should 
logon on one samba server acting as PDC. Due to our firewall we have to
set the subnet mask of the machines or
The problem is: 
   Our samba server is in the network:
   Our clients are in the network:

The clients in could log on but the other clients could not log on.
They can even become member because when trying to add the machine, I get the
error message : domain does not exist. When I change the subnetmask to it works but the internet doesn't work anymore because of
the firewall.

Any idea what that could be ???

Georges Goebel

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