[Samba] Read Only XP (recent and odd occurence)

Matt Roberts merlin at dworkin.org
Fri Jul 18 15:15:14 GMT 2003

Today I found I was unable to write back files to my samba shared 
directories.  CHecking through the status foo, I found that all opened files 
were showing as READ ONLY.  I had been able to happily edit files the previous 
day with no problems.

Upgraded from 2.2.5 to 2.2.8a (just in case of random bugs) same issue.

As far as I can tell this can only be related to a recent (last 2 days) MS 
bug/patch release that was revolving around a security problem regarding the 
share system.  It was specifically detailed for port 135 (not used by Samaba I 
believed) but who knows what else might have been 'fixed'.

My second XP machine was able to continue to save files successfully (it 
hasn't been patched yet).

However, once I had saved a file form the second machine, the first machine 
was also able to do so!

So, yes, while this could just be some MS Magic, I report it here - dutifully -
 just in case it is related to this recent patch.

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