[Samba] Re: Slow file copying from Server to clients

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Jul 18 13:47:48 GMT 2003

| I have a linux box running SuSE 8.2 with samba 
| 2.2.7-a58. Everything works well except when clients 
| workstations copy files to their workstations, in
| particular my client running Mac OS X. Mac OS X 
| supports the SMB protocol. I had a look at the logs 
| but could not see anything that looks out of the
| ordinary, not that I know what everything means, but 
| nothing from a glance that would point to a reason 
| for my problem. I even rebooted the server but still 
| no luck. Copying to the server seems fine. In fact 
| copying a few Gig of data takes less time than 
| retreiveing 40 MB from the server.
| I also had a look at the network card settings. It's 
| set to full duplex 100MB and only 0 errors, 
| collisions are plenty but this is a "flat" network
| so it's to be expected. 

Hold on. Collisions are not to be expected if your
NIC is 100/FD. It implies that there is a switch, not
a hub, between your Mac and Samba. You should set your 
NIC to Auto-Detect speed or to 100/HD if you are
connected via a hub. And even if it is a switch, your
setting must match the port setting, so check it out.

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