[Samba] Samba3 PDC with LDAP

Chee Wai Yeung cheewai_yeung2003 at yahoo.com.hk
Fri Jul 18 10:50:23 GMT 2003


Do you mean ldap admin dn? Yes. Password of ldap admin
dn added to secrets.tdb via smbpasswd -w.

The thing which I simply cannot understand is that the
first join failed, *but* the ldap entry of the
workstation was added successfully. (An "id" command
on vaio$ will show its entry from ldap, which I
believe also mean that my nssldap/pamldap is working)
A second join immediately following the first would
just succeed.

Chee Wai

--- Thilo Rößler <el-nino at gmx.li> wrote:
> > [2003/07/18 11:47:42, 0]
> >
> rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c:_api_samr_create_user(2326)
> >   could not add user/computer vaio$ to passdb. 
> Check
> > permissions? 
> Two questions (though I am quite sure that you have
> done both):
> 1. Did you specify the Admin-DN correctly?
> 2. Did you set the correct password for the
> LDAP-Admin?
> Thilo

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