[Samba] Samba3 PDC with LDAP

Chee Wai Yeung cheewai_yeung2003 at yahoo.com.hk
Fri Jul 18 04:12:06 GMT 2003

Dear All,
I still cannot get Samba3 (beta3) to work as PDC with
LDAP backend. I still encounter the problem of having
to join an XP workstation two times in succession
before the join is successful. This does not happen on
Samba2.2.8a. For both Samba 2.2.8a and samba3 beta i
have workstation accounts added directly to ldap (via
add-machine-script) without adding a corresponding
entry in /etc/passwd. Same script used (except that
the LDAP schemas are different).

I have read the Samba docs a few times (for Samba3)
but I still cannot figure out why the following
(extracted from the samba log) exists:

[2003/07/18 11:47:42, 2]
  smbldap_search_suffix: searching
[2003/07/18 11:47:42, 0]
  User 'vaio$' already in the base, with samba
[2003/07/18 11:47:42, 0]
  could not add user/computer vaio$ to passdb.  Check

(This happens when the XP joined the domain the first
time,which failed).

May I ask for anyone who has successfully used Samba3
beta as PDC with Openldap to help? I'd be very much
appreciated also if someone can point me to documents
somewhere which I can read further on this.

Thanks in advance!
Chee Wai

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