[Samba] NT4 migration

Yeri Swamy yswamy at iternalinc.com
Thu Jul 17 17:54:35 GMT 2003


I am using samba-3.0.0beta3-1.i386.rpm on RedHat 9...
trying to migrate from NT4 PDC to Samba PDC...
reading the HOW-TO document at step 6 whioch is net rpc vampire...

when i do
#net rpc vampire -S NTSERVER -U Administrator%password

All NT users are created in /etc/passwd file and also home directories 
created without any problem..but only few user entries are created in 
smbpasswd file!!!. i see following error messages for which user entries 
are not created in smbpasswd file...

Treat user1 as a user name for which entry in smbpasswd is not 
created..but i can see user1 in /etc/passwd and also directory is 
created under /home/user1....

Creating account: user1
[2003/07/17 13:29:01, 0] passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.c:build_smb_pass(1129)
   build_sam_pass: Failing attempt to store user with non-uid based user 
[2003/07/17 13:29:01, 1] utils/net_rpc_samsync.c:fetch_account_info(467)
   SAM Account for user1 failed to be added to the passdb!

This above error eventually means the user entries which are not created 
in smbpasswd file cannot log in to Samba PDC

with Best Regards

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