[Samba] WinXP + Samba: Explorer locking problem

Steve honema at web.de
Thu Jul 17 14:45:47 GMT 2003

>> Whenever I use the Windows Explorer and roll the mouse 
>> pointer over a file (even without pressing the button), 
>> Windows locks that file (maybe to retrieve some more info?). 
>> This lock stays there for approx. 2-5 seconds ("watch smbstatus").
>> When I want to move or delete the file from Windows within 
>> this time, I consequently get a "file locked" error - it's 
>> hard to move a file without touching it with the mouse :)  
>> This makes using the Win Explorer quite annoying.
>> So I wonder if
>> - anyone else has observed this problem?
>> - this a WinXP or a Samba problem, or both?
>> - I can make WinXP not to lock the files?
>> - there is some config option for Samba to release locks 
>> earlier, or to cache file infos, or else?
>do you have oplocks on or off?  I haven't had any good luck with them being
>on, so I just set them all to off.  

oplocks are activated, but I've also tried with all oplock settings disabled, which brings no change in the behaviour.


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