[Samba] winbind with ipcop

Oliver Knittel ok at kec-computer.com
Thu Jul 17 11:39:46 GMT 2003

We have a samba server behind a firewall with the IP address
and a Windows 2000 Domain controller with the IP address .
When we put the samba in the same subnet then it woks fine.
We forwarded the folowing ports:

TCP and UDP to    port 137 to    port 138 to    port 139 to    port 443

!!! In my last Mail I had port 445 that was a writing mistake!!!

now we don't get any connection to our NT network. We also put in the
/etc/hosts the entry:   server.domain   pdc
So the name got solved

Which port do we need or what is wrong

Thanks for your help


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