[Samba] authenticate from /etc/passwd

Thilo Rößler el-nino at gmx.li
Thu Jul 17 11:00:51 GMT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2003 12:32 schrieb kenneth.westelinck at tiscali.be:
> You'll need to set "encrypt passwords" option to "no" in the smb.conf file
> and hack your win2k client to send passwords in plain text (Local Security
> Settings/Local Policies/Security Options/Send unencrypted password ...).

OK, didn't think of that ;-)
But I am not sure if Win2k is willing to cooperate with a server that does NOT 
offer encrypted passwords. AFAIK, WinNT does but 2k and XP only acept servers 
that at least offer encrypted passwords.


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