[Samba] Slow file copying

Eugene Joubert EugeneJ at centratel.co.za
Thu Jul 17 08:03:20 GMT 2003


Not sure what this could be but when copying files to the linux server
running samba I don't have any problems with the speed at which it copies.
If I copy the files from the server back to my workstation, running MAC OS
X, it take twice as long in fact maybe even three times as long as when
copying to the server.

I am not aware of any bugs etc that may contribute to this problem. I am
also not to sure what would affect this. I looked in my logs but found
nothing that would indicate a problem. Other network traffic does not seem
to be affected in speed at all.

Anyone else experienced or experiencing this?

My system is SuSE 8.2. samba 2.2.7a-58.


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