[Samba] Mac OS X Permission Bits

Chris Brougham brougham at eciad.ca
Wed Jul 16 23:40:52 GMT 2003


We have an issue with the "other" permission bits on our linix RedHat 
7.2 server not being understood by our OS X boxes running  10.2.6. Our 
setup consists of shared directories on the linux box box with the 
following bits set:

drwxrwx-wx   22 teacher    studio       4096 Jul 16 12:02 dropbox

The idea is that students can drop off assignments to the dropbox, but 
not enter it to view or change their assignment once it's submitted. 
Works fine with OS9 and our Windows boxes, but we get a permission 
denied error when using OS X. I upgraded to 3.0 beta (which seems to 
have solved a problem with file transfers), but this issue still remains.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Chris Brougham
Manager of Information Technology
Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design
tel: 604 844 3883 fax: 604 844 3801

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