[Samba] pre/post action

hiaer at azrael.sk hiaer at azrael.sk
Wed Jul 16 15:36:33 GMT 2003

Hi all

is there any way on SAMBA server, how can i do pre/post actions?
I mean this:
* user wants connect to its homedir (shared by samba).
* after authentification, SAMBA do som "pre action", f.e: mount user's
  crypted container to its homedir.

* user wants disconnet;
* immediatelly after disconnecting, SAMBA umount user's crypted

* if no user action during f.e. 10 min., SAMBA force kick user and
  umount its crypted container.

Any idea how can i transfer password for crypted container.
can SAMBA evoke some (another) password form on client site ??


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