[Samba] Vijay - samba box not seen in browse list.

Vijay Kumar vramnarayan at triniti.com
Wed Jul 16 14:06:21 GMT 2003


 smbclient -L localhost   still gives the error :

 added interface ip= bcast=  nmask=
error connecting to (Connection refused)
error connecting to (Connection refused)
Connection to localhost failed.

netstat -nap | grep 139 - gives :

tcp        0      0   *
LISTEN      11132/smbd

 Domain B is Win2K Server, DomainA is also a Win2K Server.

 The same command  for Domain A : smbclient -L
-address-of-Win2K-Server   - asks  for password
                                 for Domain B :  smbclient -L
ip-address-of-Win2K-Server  - does not ask for password.
                                Error given is same as smbclient -l lcalhost
( only ip changes )

and mount -t smbfs -o username= administrator,password=password
file://cvsbkup/smbshare   /mnt/floppy  gives the error :
Error connecting to (Connection refused)
10934: Connection to cvsbkup failed
SMB connection failed.

> Heck! Is there ANY smbd running on your machine? :-o

Since netstat  shows the LISTEN state, smbd is running.

Point is I should be able to acces this Linux box from the domain controller
which is not happenning.
What if I have an option of rebooting the Win2K Server? Will this help.
Can't do that right away.
Assuming I log into the domain controller uing administrator account -

Thank you for all you help, time and patience.

If possible,  help.

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