[Samba] Samba and subnets. How to logon?

agtejeo at ugr.es agtejeo at ugr.es
Wed Jul 16 10:08:47 GMT 2003

Dear sirs:

I have a network (in the office) divided in serveral subnetworks (but for my 
question, two of them are only relevant):

- subnetwork A (mask):
- subnetwork B (mask):

In the subnet A, there are several machines owning to a domain, named DOMAINB, 
and the server (named SERVERB) that it is authenticating that domain is placed 
in the subnet B. The majory of the machines owning to that domain is placed, 
also, in the subnet B.

Here it comes my question:

I can't get that the machines (W98 and W95) in the subnet A are authenticated 
with SERVERB. After giving the right password, it takes a while and then 
appears a message saying that it couldn'b be found the server for 

I've tried to add manually to the local file lmhosts.sam the IP of the SERVERB, 
but it doens't work again.


Thanks in advance!

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