[Samba] Question

Алексей Данилевский danilevsky at onego.ru
Wed Jul 16 12:47:14 GMT 2003

I have a problem and do not know is there any way to solve it. I have a 
Samba-server running as a PDC in a Windows2000 network. It works fine. But 
now I need to install the Squid on the same machine with Samba-PDC. And it 
would be fine if I could use ntlm authentication in Squid. But to do so I 
need to run winbindd. Any information I could find discribes how to do this 
if there are at least 2 machines: PDC and Squid+Samba+winbind. But I need 
it running on the only one machine. Can I do this? Samba configuration 
files on the PDC and Squid-computer according to discribtions must be 
different. I run Samba and Squid under a FreeBSD4.8. Cuold you help me with 
a wise advice?

Thank you. Alexey

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