[Samba] Terminal Server and Samba

Rory D. Hudson rory at zumiez.com
Tue Jul 15 16:38:10 GMT 2003

Hello there everybody,


I have been doing some reading about Samba and terminal server, I am
currently running in a Citrix Terminal Server environment with Windows
Service Pack 4.  It looks like it is a known issue that for whatever
reason the Samba server will not allow connections at a certain time.  I
have been given workarounds in the past (i.e. create several different
hostnames for the same ip address), but there still reaches a critical
mass on my server (about 40 users).  The server is hardly sweating, but
this is causing major problems with my users.  I was hoping that perhaps
in some newer versions of Samba this problem might have been addressed.
Has it?  Please let me know, any information regarding this would be



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