[Samba] SORRY Missing INFO in Samba ACL Support

Christos E. Chrisostomidis christos at polichromo.gr
Tue Jul 15 09:05:14 GMT 2003


My apologies for the incomplete info !!!!!!!
I repeat the e-mail so you do not get confused.

Dear All,

I am running samba 2.2.7-5  on a RH 8.0 box with 2.4.20-18 kernel and
I am trying to migrate a Win2K Server to Samba.
The samba RPM has --with-acl-support activated.
I manually add all the net users into the samba box using the command

useradd -s /bin/false -d /dev/null -m username

and then I transfer then into samba. Having specified:

workgroup = our_workgroup
netbios name = Server Name
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes
nt acl support = yes
path = ..
valid users = ....

in the smb.conf and creating the appropriate "top level" shares with the
corresponding users everything works very well. Users can have where
they supposed to.

However, the old Win2K server has a very different structure looking


All users on the win2k box map the "topfolder1" so when they open the
win explorer they can see the
folder structure as shown above. However, they can access only
subfolders that they allow to.
(i.e. on each subfolder and on some subsubfolders we have set user

To replicate the same scenario on the samba box, as been suggested by
this list,
is to use acl support. However, I cannot find documentation on how this
can be done.

So I made an experiment, defining one top level share in smb.conf  (the
topfolder1) and
then, from a win2k client I right clicked on a subfolder, click on
security and try to modify
permissions which did not work !!!!

I want to avoid defining all the subfolders in smb.conf since they will
apeear as top level shares.
I am wandering if I can keep the same structure and have my users access
they corresponding folders.

If this is possible can someone point me in the right direction ???

Best Regards

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