[Samba] Vijay - samba box not seen in browse list.

Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr
Tue Jul 15 08:27:42 GMT 2003

>We have a PDC ( Win2K Domain Controller) without a
>Wins server.
>But I still get he point, why other machines are able tosee it and not
>the domain controller itself.
>Will enabling Wins solve the problem ?

Well, i don't think i well understand exactly what is your problem.

Firstly, you joined DomainA and all was working quite well.
1. What was your domain controler? w2K? wins server?

Secondly, you changed the workgroup in you smb.conf. Did you joined
explicitly the DomainB? This Domain controler is exactly configured as the
first one?

When you wrtie "other machines are able tosee it and not only the domain
controller itself." Do you mean windows client? What domain do you browse?
Is there any trust between domains?



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