[Samba] Vijay - samba box not seen in browse list.

Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr
Tue Jul 15 07:00:46 GMT 2003

>I initially tried a RedHAt Linux 9.0 box to join in multiple domains, but
>couldnt get it right.
>Now I have two Win2K Domains A and B.
>If I configure samba to be in Dmain A, I am able to see and browse the
>box without any problems.
>But if I change the workgroup to Domain B I am not able to see the machine
>in that lbrowse list and nor am I able to acces it using the Domain
>Controller of Domain B. I am able to access it from machine which are not
>there in Domain B.
>Actually DOmian B just conatins the domain controller and nothing else.
>Below is output of testparm.
>This is driving me crazy. I just need to access a folder from this domain
>Controller B for some backup issues.
>Please help.
      >wins proxy = No
      >wins server =
      >wins support = No

Why not using wins? Declaring a wins server should help, shouldn't it?
And why joining a domain while using "security = USER"?



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