[Samba] Network printing HP 843C over Samba

Gustavo Pipman gustavop at ceragon.com
Mon Jul 14 17:39:39 GMT 2003

Hay all. 
I've been setting up a linux gateway with an ADSL connection and three windows boxes in a home network. 
Everything has gone smoothly with Red Hat 9 and data transfer rates have risen due to having a linux gateway instead of an Windows XP gateway. 
However, I've had horrible problems setting up network printing. I've got Samba set up and that is working fine with various shares that I've set up. I've 
finally managed to get CUPS set up with the HP 843C. 
But, I can not get any of the windows boxes to print to this printer. 
In my samba smb.cnf file I have the following: 
workgroup = PIPMANS
encrypt passwords = yes
browseable = no
map archive = yes
printable = yes
print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r %s
printer = LP_Mamad
printing = CUPS
read only = yes
guest ok = yes 
comment = For testing only, please
browseable = yes
read only = no
guest ok = yes
valid users = gpipman
path = /home/gpipman/test
The cups is set up as a parallel printer URI parallel:/dev/lp0 and there is no internal firewall. 
In /etc/printcap I have: 
which is the name of the printer as defined in cups. Now, all the windows boxes say they can see this printer, but none print successfully to it. I've 
downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the HP site and installed them. 
Are there any special settings that I should know about? 
I am desperate here - I can not figure out why this isn't working. CUPS doesn't even register that the windows clients are trying to send a print job to the 
I'm not particularly bothered about using CUPS - if someone has this printer (or similar) working successfully under LPRng (or equiv) then I'd be very 
grateful to hear about it. I just really need this printer working. 
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me.
Attached with it is a log file obtained with the following command
tcpdump -c 100 -vv -s 0 -a -w smb.log host and not port 23 

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