[Samba] Having problems connecting xp machine to samba

Armando Colpa AColpa at nemethmartin.com
Mon Jul 14 16:14:02 GMT 2003

In my case, I've attempted to set up a Redhat linux 9.0 box as a primary
domain controller. I have a windows xp machine (professional) and am
attempting to connect to the pdc. However, I continually receive a network
path not found error. When I look within the log.smbd file, I see a number
of Denied connection from (client ip address) messages. Here are some things
to note:


1.	There IS another domain controller on the network, however, it is
not a SAMBA pdc. I've seen instructions that say there should not be another
pdc on the network, but I'm assuming that means a samba pdc. I don't know if
that makes a difference.
2.	I tried adding machine accounts both manually and through the "add
user script" directive in smb.conf. None worked
3.	I've seen instructions regarding changing local security policies.
Specifically, I've read messages regarding "Locate the entry "Domain member:
...". Furthermore, I've read that sometimes you don't need to follow those
commands and simply need to add a registry patch. In my case, I was not able
to find the entry "Domain member" and simply added the WinXP_SignOrSeal
registry patch. That may or may not cause a problem. However, I didn't know
what to do considering the entry I was supposed to find was not listed.


Any help that someone could give me regarding this would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Note that I'm attaching my smb.conf file.


Armando Colpa

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