[Samba] XP slow with samba-2.2.7 from RH 7.3

Dewald Troskie dewaldt at korbi.net
Mon Jul 14 10:58:37 GMT 2003

I had the same problem with Redhat 7.3 and Samba-2.27.

I upgraded samba to version 3.0 beta and the XP and 98 clients connected perfectly.

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I'm having problems with one Windows XP working with a
samba server.

This is redhat-7.3 with latest samba-2.2.7-3.7.3. There are some
windows 98 PCs running fine. There is two Windows XP clients, and
one of them isn't working well with samba. The user complains the
access to the files is quite slow.

the log of this PC grow a lot. One of the entries that
happen more is this one:

   setting sec ctx (0, 0) - sec_ctx_stack_ndx = 0

Sometimes there are 50 or more entries of this line. Then :
    call_trans2qfilepathinfo: TRANSACT2_QPATHINFO: level = 1004

I've been running it with debug level 3 but I'm overwhelmed
and I don't know what to search. I just turned debug back to
level 2.

Any hints ?

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