[Samba] samba beta2 speed bug

Fabio fabio.erculiani at tiscali.it
Sun Jul 13 12:47:02 GMT 2003

I've a LAN server powered by Linux RedHat 9. I've installed samba3 beta1 few
weeks ago and it was very fast and stable. Yesterday I've tried the new
beta2 and I've noticed a big speed problem, non for file transfer, but for
access to file and directory of a network disk (Z:\) on Win2k/XP systems
(I've not tried win9x). For example, with beta2, when I listen an mp3 placed
on my server and shared with a samba share and I try to access to a file
(that's on my server too), mp3 playback stops for few seconds and the
loading of file too.
When I rollback to beta1 the problem disappears. What can I do? Help me!

Excuse for my english but it's hard to explain the problem.


Fabio Erculiani

P.S.: samba3 is fantastic !! I've no other words...

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