[Samba] swat

Robert Jones rjonese at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 12 07:24:22 GMT 2003

I have RedHat 8.0
I have swat enabled in my xinetd.d config file 
like this
service swat 


port = 901 

socket_type = stream 

wait = no 

only_from = localhost 

user = root 

server = /usr/sbin/swat 

log_on_failure += USERID 

disable = no 


I have a firewall/router ...not to sure about firewalls but don't think its the problem as it works for my windows boxes upstairs and I believe it accepts all local area traffic

my hosts file is simple localhost.localdomain    localhost    linux8.puterland.ca    linux8

tried changing the only_from line from localhost to

no work

it says 

"the connection was refused when attempting to contact"

any ideas?

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