[Samba] forcing log off

Jack Mendez jmendez at vips4kids.org
Thu Jul 10 19:06:41 GMT 2003

	okay so i have the script provided by joel.
i have changed them slitely so that each user gets his or her own file, 
because if two users try to log on at the same time, the script can't 
differentiate between atempts.
so you get mixed lines.
as in user1 starts with line1 but then user2 might have his first line 
right after.  we wanted to be able to distinguish.
now that we can see who is where, and what the process id is, what can we 
do with this.smbstatus was mentioned but i see nothing there that will let 
us kill the process.  the other thing is that windows automatically logs on 
when samba kicks them off..how can we force this not to happen.
.aditionally when a user logs on, they get an individual process id, my 
goal was to prevent the same user from logging more then once..
thanks for the help so far.

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