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> Subject: [Samba] win2K migration
> Dear All,
> I am trying to migrate a win2k file server to a linux box 
> running samba.
> The folder structure on the win2k server has as follows:
> topfolder1
>         +------subforder1
>                         +--------subsubfolder1
>                         +--------subsubfolder2
>         +------subfolder2
>                         +--------subsubfolder3
>                         +--------subsubfolder4
>     etc
> All users on the win2k box map the "topfolder1" so when they open the
> win explorer they can see the
> folder structure as shown above. However, they can access only
> subfolders that they allow to.
> (i.e. on each subfolder and on some subsubfolders we have set user
> permissions)
> Is this possible with samba ?

samba can be compiled to supprot windows ACL's as well as using the windows
server file property control panel (This is well documented in the samba 3
docs, but I am unsure to how extensive support if for the 2.2.x)

in addition, samba falls back onto the underlying linux permissions.
Therefore if subfolder1 is only accessible by groupa via linux, then only
groupa members can get in via samba..you can do this with specific users as
well.  Implemented here, and it locks those out that I want out.  

> Best regards
> Christos
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