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Garfoot,J garfooj01 at leedslearning.net
Thu Jul 10 14:27:44 GMT 2003


We've got this very system working in our IT suites. The basic way to do
this is to set up samba to have the following lines in smb.conf

> ...
> ...
> printcap name = lpstat
> ...
> ..
> ...
> ...
> print command = lp %s -o job-hold-until=indefinite
> ...

You may need to adjust the lp command to suit your system

In the cupsd.conf make the following changes

> ..
> ..
> ServerName
> SystemGroup staff
> ..
> <Location /jobs>
> AuthType Basic
> AuthClass Group
> AuthGroupName staff
> Allow from 192.168.*
> </Location>

"staff is the linux user group of the people you want to control the print
jobs is the IP address of the printserver. Check the cups
documentation for more info.

You should be able to go in a web-browser to if you
click on jobs it should ask for your username and password

Hope this helps

Joe Garfoot
Corpus Christi Catholic College
Leeds, UK

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I'm looking to setup printing in the local lab via samba.
The printserver must hold print jobs untill released by users.
I tried samba + cups with postscript drivers hosted on samba, but
can't figure out hot to make it hold print jobs instead of printing
them right away.

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