[Samba] ACL re-implementation

Jean-Michel Bonnefond bon at teamlog.fr
Wed Jul 9 14:24:19 GMT 2003

Hello there,

Is there a 'simple' way to move all shared repository from a windows NT4 with 
NTFS to Samba over Linux with an XFS file system.

My question is how can I re-implement all the defined ACLs and shared 
declaration after copying all the repository from NT to Linux.

I suspect something like using getfacl/setfacl but I haven't a clear idea of 
what is possible, especialy if a command like getfacl is implemented on NT4 
and if the format generated can be easily reimplemented with the XFS setfacls 
command, an old remember let me think that NT ACLs don't map precisely to the 
POSIX one implemented on XFS.

Thanks for your help :-)

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