[Samba] groups in samba with LDAP (double entries?)

Rauno Tuul rauno.tuul at haigekassa.ee
Wed Jul 9 10:30:45 GMT 2003


I have a samba 2.2.8a with LDAP backend. System auth also uses ldap. I used
base.ldif from idealx.org to create base group entries to my ldap base.
Client is win2000 sp3. When I share folder out from w2k and choose
"permissions", i can select users from localhost or samba domain - there are
no double entries.

But, when I want to change permissions of file on my samba share and click
"permissions", I see this:


Groups "account operators", "administrators", "domain admins", "domain
users"... appear twice in the listing. (for windows, some are "local groups"
and others "global groups").
Group "users" appears even 3 times.

which one is the correct group, that i added to LDAP base???
from where come these double entries???
and how to get rid of them and see only these groups, that are listed below?

# getent group (entries gid > 200)
Domain Admins:x:200:
Domain Users:x:201:
Domain Guests:x:202:
Power Users:x:223:
Account Operators:x:224:
Server Operators:x:225:
Print Operators:x:226:
Backup Operators:x:227:
Enterprise Admins:x:229:


 - Rauno Tuul -

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