[Samba] Re: Problems with Smaba STILL

WinXperts soler_s at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 9 04:51:16 GMT 2003

Did you add a password for root in samba? the command is --> smbpasswd -a
root, you also have to do this for all the users.

I don't know what you are using for modifying the smb.conf but it's creating
wild entries in wierd places.

a) Domain admin group = users or groups - NOT IP'S
b) Socket options do not belong on the shares

I learned how to setup a Samba PDC from this IBM site
http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/esdd/tutorials/samba.html, subscribe IT'S FREE.
Download the PDF or follow online and you should have no problems. Also
there is a troubleshooting section in it.

Hope this helps!

Santos Soler
MCP, Network+, A+

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