[Samba] Printing Through Samba From Windows

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Tue Jul 8 20:41:04 GMT 2003

The only problem with your approach is two way communication with the
peripheral, which samba won't support, AFAIK. For printing, there may
well be an option to turn off two way communication in the windows driver.

Good luck with the scanner and fax modes.


On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 08:27:56AM -0400, Buck Turgidson wrote:
> I want to consolidate some NT/Linux machines into a single Linux machine
> running samba.  I have a Brother Printer/Scanner/Fax combo that is not
> supported by Linux.
> If I set this printer up under samba and access it from a Windows client on
> the network, won't I be using the Windows driver?  It seems to me it should
> work ok like this, since I believe that Windows will just see it as a
> network printer.
> I am not sure about the fax modem, though, although I don't see why that
> shouldn't work, either.
> Thanks for any opinions.
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