[Samba] Slow transfer between RH 9.0 and w2k, but not XP.

Roy Otto Kleiv roy.otto.kleiv at nc-spectrum.no
Tue Jul 8 08:42:58 GMT 2003

I just set up a server running RH9.0 and the latest Samba. The thing is transfering files from a w2k to the samba server takes ages, but with the XP box there's no problems. Is there a reigstry tweak or something that I need to apply to the w2k box?
I read in an earlier post that it could be the NIC and bad linux drivers, but I doubt this is the reason here sice it works just fine with the XP box. But another thing is that there were no problems when I used RH7.1.
Can't figure this one out, hope someone out there can help me

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