[Samba] problem using share level security

Rajan Aggarwal rajan at amplewave.com
Tue Jul 8 08:29:26 GMT 2003

Hi All!
    I am facing a problem for password protection at share level.

There are 2 users (user1 and user2) locally configured on my Linux
machine. The Linux passwords for both have been configured and for
simplicity the samba passwords for both are kept same as the Linux ones.

Then , I created another user (user3) and assigned it the same password
as for user2. Then i edited the file...smb.conf wherein under a specific
share i specify the option "user = user3". The samba server has been
restarted after the above changes in the config file.

Now, going by the definition of "share-level security", only user2
should be allowed to access the share. But in my case, both user1 and
user2 are able to access the share.

Does it indicate some problem with share-level security or is it some
wrong configuration issue?

Rajan Aggarwal.

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