[Samba] Error compiling 3.0.0beta2 on HP-UX

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Mon Jul 7 11:35:50 GMT 2003

Alexander Skwar wrote:

> HTH myself,

So far, so good. Now I'm getting another error:

Compiling ubiqx/ubi_sLinkList.c with
Linking libsmbclient non-shared library bin/libsmbclient.a
Make: Cannot load -rc.  Stop.
*** Error exit code 1 (ignored)
Compiling modules/vfs_recycle.c with
Building plugin bin/recycle.sl
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: DP relative code in file modules/vfs_recycle.po - hared
library must be position
    independent.  Use +z or +Z to recompile.
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** Error exit code 1


Seems like this error is new - I can't find anything with Google.

What's this error message supposed to tell me?
Anyhow, if I understood things correctly, this VFS module should provide
me with a network recycle bin, correct? If so, then I don't need it -
how to disable compilation of the recycle module?


Alexander Skwar
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