[Samba] newbie profile path problem

Jim Dearden jimdearden at look.ca
Mon Jul 7 02:21:38 GMT 2003

Cor Lem wrote:

> At 18:04 4-7-03 -0400, Jim Dearden wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I've been working on setting up samba for a small home network, 3
> >win98se machines, and RH9 with samba 2.2.7
> >
> >Roving profiles are working, with domain logins, just fine. The problem
> >I'm having is that although I _think_ I've set it up properly, the
> >profile items get copied into the users home directory, not the the
> >directory I've set up.
> >
> >I've gone through all the faqs and doc files I could find, but still
> >can't seem to get it  to work. Could someone point out the probably very
> >obvious thing I've missed?
> [snip]
> Have a look at 'logon home' option in 'man smb.conf'
> Greetz,
> Cor Lem

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Thanks for the help! I can't believe I missed that . . . I knew it must me
somthing pretty obvious.

<blush mode off>

Thank you for the pointer, and also the very kind way you said RTFM :-)

Thanks again,

Jim Dearden

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