[Samba] Samba slow because of LDAP?

Daniel Zeiss dzeiss at gwdg.de
Sun Jul 6 09:33:02 GMT 2003

> It depends very much how you contact the ldap server, and what indicies
> you maintain.  Try to put the ldap server on localhost, if possible.

LDAP is running on localhost,

these are my indeces:

index objectClass,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber eq
index cn,mail,surname,givenname         eq,subinitial
index rid           eq

Can I do some optimazation here?

Also filetransfer and getting the directory structure is very slow. Like 
having 50 files and folders in one directory and having a look with 
explorer it takes some 5-10 seconds. too slow for users who know how 
working on the local harddrive is.

also one windows user can DoS my samba server completely.
The server is a PIV 2,8Ghz with 512MB RAM and fast IDE drives. but if 
one windows user is copying a load of files (~2GB) the servers system 
load rises to 0.8 and the cpu usage is about 70%.
i didnt expect samba to be so resource hungry.
Can I optimize there too?

> But this should only matter for logon, particularly in 2.2

Login is very slow indeed.



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