[Samba] Newbie Failure to connect

Matt Neimeyer lists at neimeyer.org
Sun Jul 6 01:03:43 GMT 2003

>>Every time I try to connect to the box I get an incorrect user name or
>>password dialog and it doesn't matter what I put in but it won't let me
>>connect. In the log files every time I connect I see something like
>>(repeated several times)...
>Did you create the samba passwords?? Take a look at my webpage for

Yup. My samba user is named samba... (I know real ingenious...)

I have a regular user named samba... and I have a samba user named samba...

The relevant line from /etc/passwd is:


The relevant line from /etc/groups is:


The relevant line from /etc/samba/private/smbpasswd is (stuff being a 
hash... of course):

         samba:1000:<stuff>:<stuff>:[U         ]:LCT-3F07386E:

For testing purposes I used smbpasswd to set the password on the samba user 
to samba and then passwd to set the same password on the actual unix user.

Still no dice...


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