[Samba] smbmount 2GB file size limit ?

Michael Heironimus mkh01 at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 6 00:18:14 GMT 2003

On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 01:02:17PM -0700, k n wrote:
> I'm running RH9 with kernel 2.4.20  and Samba 2.2.8a.
> I can copy files larger than 2GB from Windows to Linux
> and vice versa through Samba.
> However, when I copy >2GB files from one Linux machine
> to another (using smbmount to mount) I get "File size
> limit exceeded" when 2GB is reached.
> It looks like the problem is with smbmount.
> Is there a 2GB file size limit with smbmount? 
> If the problem is with smbmount, is there a patch or
> workaround?

This question comes up a lot on this list. The smbfs driver in the
current stable Linux kernel can't handle files over 2GB. I think cifs
(which is replacing smbfs in the development kernels) is supposed handle
large files and a lot of the other things that just don't work with
smbfs. For mounting between UNIX machines a native UNIX system like NFS
is better right now, but I think you can also get a backported cifs
driver for the Linux 2.4 kernels.

Michael Heironimus

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