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michelld michelld at
Sat Jul 5 16:12:31 GMT 2003

Hi People

I got to solve that problem concerning the command "SMBFS" .

It was very simple. I just update Samba Package throught apt-get. Very simple. isnt´it ?   :) 

Oi Jardel 

Consegui resolver aquele problema em relacao ao comando "SMBFS". 

Foi muito simples. Eu apenas atualizei o Pacote do Samba pelo apt-get. Muito simples nao ? :) 


Michel Luiz 
De:Joel Hammer 

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Data:Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:07:52 -0400

Assunto:Re: [Samba] Probs with smbfs


> This message implies that your client machine is not properly configured.
> Was this very same machine with the very same kernel working last week?
> I don't know what the service smb is. If you mean smbd, it doesn't have
> much to do with mounting shares from other servers.
> Joel
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 02:11:45PM -0300, michelld wrote:
> > Hi all 
> > I am having trouble with my SMBFS and it is the following 
> > Every time I try to connect to other machine in my network, throught the command MOUNT, the folowing ERROR appears. I've already tried to see the manpage but i had not success. 
> > [root at backup_sp bin] mount -t smbfs //sarq/c /mnt/windows
> > Password: 
> > ERROR: smbfs filesystem not supported by the kernel 
> > Please refer to the smbnt (8) manual page 
> > smbmnt failed: 255 
> > I want to remember that service smb is running and last week, it was working properly. 
> > Please i need this help
> > I get very please about your attention. Thanks a lot 
> > Michel Luiz 
> > 
> > Ola Jardel
> > Tudo bem ? 
> > Como escrevi acima, estou tendo este problema ao tentar montar uma maquina da minha rede em minha estacao devido aparecer este erro acima. Só que a semana passada estava Ok. 
> > Ja consultei o man e nada 
> > Se vc souber, por favor me ajude. 
> > Desde ja agradeco. 
> > Att
> > Michel Luiz 
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