[Samba] Win2K Authentication Problem

Balaji Gururaja Rao no1koole at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 4 10:13:19 GMT 2003


I have two PDCs (Primary Domain Controllers) for
different domains on the same subnet. One happens to
be a Samba Server (Version 2.2.5) on Redhat Linux 7.0
and the other happens to be a OS2 LAN Server. I have a
Win2K client using the IBM PLC 4.5 (Primary logon
Client) to logon to the domains. PLC logs me on to OS2
Domain as well as to Samba Domain properly. The only
problem I'm facing is with Samba Server. If I try to
log into samba server with a username and password
which exists on the Win2K then the logon is
successfully, otherwise my logon is dishonored. When I
try to log on to OS2 domain with a username and
password which is not present on the local Win2K
client, it logs me on properly. The same does not work
with Samba Server. I presume this is an issue which
can be addressed by configuring samba using smb.conf.
But I don't know which attribute needs to be set. Can
somebody throw in some light on this?



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