[Samba] recycle under samba-3.0.0beta2-1

Denis Heitbrock heitbrockd at schlick.de
Fri Jul 4 06:07:50 GMT 2003


i got a small problem with the recycle under samba-3.0.0beta2-1 on a redhat
9.0 machine.
when i delete file the files move to the recycle bin. when i check the
recycle bin all files
are in the main directory and not with the directory structure.

my /etc/samba/recycle.conf looks so:
name = .recycle
# mode :
# KEEP_DIRECTORIES = retain directory hierarchy of deleted file,
#                    i.e. recreate all directories in recycle bin
# VERSIONS         = create copies in case of identical file names in
recycle bin
# TOUCH            = touch access date of files moved into the recycle bin
# maximum file size to be moved to the recycle bin (0 means any size)
maxsize = 0
# exclude file names with the following extensions:
exclude = *.tmp|*.temp|*.o|*.obj|~$*
# exclude directories:
excludedir = /tmp|/temp|/cache

the string keep_directories is active but samba move all files only in 1
directory and dont keep the structure.
thxxx for help.


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